The Journey Begins

My name is Michelle I love to travel when I have the time, and funds to do so with   my family.  I picked the blog name “Traveling Shells” as I love to travel and my nickname is Shell.

I started this blog as I am one that people in my personal life will come to me, and ask me to help them find a great deal on a vacation destination they want to check out.  I have always been a bargain hunter wether it be for household items, or for traveling.

I love when I get my weekly, and daily emails on travel deals from various travel sites. I want to share those deals with you when I come across a really great one.

I also want to share my opinion with you as to what I did or did not like about certain hotels, airlines, activities, parks etc.

I expect quality and have high taste! What is that saying ” I have champagne taste on a beer budget?” I want to keep having my champagne taste!

I live in Utah so I also will be sharing any stay vacation tips or points of interest. My family does like to go to an event downtown, and then stay in a hotel to make it feel like a mini vacation.

Stay Tuned…..

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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