West Yellowstone

I, and my family drove to West Yellowstone for a overnight. We stayed at the West Yellowstone Holiday Inn. It was ok. The room was clean so that was fantastic! Bathroom small.

Loved they offered chocolate chip cookies, and Ice cream in the evenings. Coffee, and water all day.

This Holiday Inn location does not include breakfast. They have a restaurant which for breakfast I do not reccomend. Horribly slow if your order something off menu, and do not stick to the buffet. The buffet was pretty much their free breakfast at another Holiday Inn location, but here they want to charge you $15.

(Picture above is from Holiday Inns website….)

We walked around town, checked out the many souvenir shops. They pretty much have all the same items.

I did however find a favorite which is called “Firehole Trading Co. ” fun items.

We stopped to check out the Madison River in Island Park, ID

We did not have time this round to drive through the park.

Going back up next weekend will see if I can capture better photos.

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