Orlando SeaWorld

My family & I went to Sea world in Orlando back in April.I was so excited based on other times I have been when growing up. I could not wait to experience this with my daughter.It was a major let down to me. For the price you pay to get in which basically is the same or close to a day at Disneyworld or Disneyland. Major let down.The thing’s that were free to experience when I have been previously now cost you $30 plus per person. On a lot of rides you can not even take your purse you have to pay for a locker.The animals as a whole were amazing. Watching the Whale show was fabulous and to experience that with my Daughter and see her eyes light up was great.The Sesame Street part of the park had just opened up. I wanted to check it out as I grew up with Sesame Street and loved it. My daughter on the other hand was to embarrassed to be seen liking Sesame Street as she is a whopping 8 years old.The seals are amazing! Such performers.

My opinion is find discounted tickets. That was not easy to do for the Orlando location.I never saw penguins.

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