Fun in the Gulf Coast of Florida!

I and my family made a quick trip from Salt Lake, to Boston, and New Hampshire as well as the Florida Gulf Coast! I had to get my beach time in!

First stop Siesta Key Beach, FL the sand is white and like walking on baby powder. It was overcast the morning we went, however we were told by the locals that is how they got their tan. We should have listened as we are paying for it now.

Beautiful beach. It has been rated a #1 beach’s a few times.

Came across a random sand sculpture someone built.

Beautiful views….

Next stop Lido Beach! I actually think this was my favorite out of the ones we stopped at.

This sand was soft, but did have a ton of patches is small seashells that you needed to have tough feet for. Fun to collect the shells.

There was also a fun sand bar not far from shore that you could walk out to, and play on in the shallow water. The ridges in the sand that the waves created catch seashells in the as well.

I thought the water seemed much more blue green at Lido Beach, then Siesta Key.

We also stopped at Turtle Beach. Did not see any turtles where we were. I do not seem to have any pics from Turtle Beach. We did not hang out very long.

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