SeaWorld Orlando Review

My family, and I just got back from SeaWorld Orlando, and boy it has changed since I was a kid! I was hoping my Daughter would have the same experience I did as a kid when I went when I was a kid. She had fun even though it has changed some.SeaWorld Orlando charges for every little thing. We had read a review that stated this, and yes it is true! You even have to pay for a locker to ride certain rides. They would not let me even take my purse on it so therefore we did not ride Alantis due to that.We road a Rapids ride ( Infinity Falls) that my Daughter loves. You get drenched! Then they have a drying station when you get off, but you have to pay. Did not see how much.We did the killer whale show was awesome. The trainers just do not get in the water with them any longer. We did get wet as we did sit in the “Splash Zone”!One of my favorite animals is the seals! They know when they are being watched, and perform for fish as you can purchase fish to feed them.

My Daughter had a good time, and thought it was fun. It was fun going back, but I definitely have had my fix and disappointment of the changes. Now my Daughter can wait for when she has kids to go back.

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