I love the beach! I need to get to one soon!

Have you ever wondered why you love what you love? Why are you so passionate about certain things?

I love the beach as it is just beautiful scenery, and takes my breath away! From west coast to east coast as the ecosystem on each coast is soooo different, but they all take my breath away!

I love waking up early to go see what has washed up on shore with high tide! I always save my shells. I need to find something to do with them.

Another part about the beach is I love the little tide pools you can come across, and what amazing creatures you might see. I love starfish! Huge fan! So pretty, and interesting!

Sand Dollars are another amazing wonder? How? Why? Are sand dollars created? I love walking Huntington Beach in the early morning to try and find these. Very hard to find whole ones!

Oh, how I miss the beach, and need a quick dose!

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