Hotel Check In/Out Tips

I normally request extra towels, and shampoo when I travel with my family. As the 3, or 4 towels just don’t do it for us. Very rarely is that request fulfilled when we arrive. I end up having to go down to the front desk, and ask. The article link below gives you some insight…

Have you ever missed your flight?

Check out the Travel and Lesuire article below that gives suggestions if you know you are going to miss your flight in advance due to uncontrolled circumstances. Also which airlines are the best to work with.

The Best Destinations for Off-Season Travel, from Iceland to Okinawa | Condé Nast Traveler

Check out the article below regarding visting during a destinations off season. Have you ever visited somewhere during their off season? Was it a good experience?

Where Can Americans Travel Right Now? A Guide to International Travel from the U.S. | Travel + Leisure

Have you been thinking of maybe booking that trip you put off last year, but are not sure what all is required in order to do so? Check out the link to an article that will tell you just that. Some of the requirements I personally think are not worth it.